Jeff Bartos: “Lets Go Debate It And Let The People Of Pennsylvania Decide”

Rips Wolf-Fetterman Ticket For Ducking Debates 

 2018 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, Jeff Bartos, in an interview this morning with WAEB’s Bobby Gunther Walsh criticized John Fetterman and Tom Wolf for not wanting to debate the Wagner-Bartos ticket in front of the people of Pennsylvania.

Listen to the audio HERE.



JEFF BARTOS: “Well, and by the way that’s a great point because my Democrat counterpart, John Fetterman –

BOBBY GUNTHER WALSH: “Oh, my gosh, that guy is an extremist.”

BARTOS: “He is an extremist. I have met him once, and look, he is a very affable guy, he’s a very bright man. We have a fundamental disagreement about philosophy. I am a free market capitalist, and he is an unapologetic Democratic socialist, he is a Bernie Sanders guy.  Scott and I have challenged Governor Wolf and John Fetterman to 67 debates. We figured we would do town halls in each of the 67 counties, the governor and John Fetterman rejected that.  We then, Scott immediately accepted 12 invitations that were put out by various groups around the commonwealth to debate the Governor. The Governor said no,  I am too busy with the budget. By the way he did nothing with the budget, but he was too busy with the budget.  He had enough time to film a commercial with John Fetterman, the two of them went shopping for a tie. So he had time to film a commercial, but he didn’t have time to respond to the debate challenge or the debate invitations. And I have spoken to John Fetterman, I said look we’ll do it respectfully, let’s go out and show the people of Pennsylvania the difference between free market capitalism and the job growth and innovation that comes from unlocking people’s potential and Democratic socialism, you know John that’s your philosophy, you have been up there on a stage with Bernie Sanders, lets go debate it and let the people of Pennsylvania decide.  Bobby, they won’t stand on the stage with us.”

WALSH: “So I saw that where Scott Wagner accepted, I thought it was 16 debates.  So it is not with the Governor, he just accepted them from organizations and you mean the Governor has accepted zero?”

BARTOS: “So far the governor has accepted zero, he has been “too busy.” Look, Scott and I are going, we are going to do town halls in every county, we are going to go to the 12 debates and if we have to debate an empty chair, we will debate an empty chair, but at the end of the day we have the right solutions to all of the problems that are facing Pennsylvania, because they are simple.  Unlock the potential of people and get government out of the way.”


Bartos’ debate challenge to the Wolf-Fetterman ticket comes on  the heels of a York Daily Record editorial last week pointing out how it should be incumbent on the Governor to debate, and to debate in York County in particular.

  • And we have to believe that ultimately Gov. Wolf will agree to debate Sen. Wagner. The governor is a proponent of transparency, and what could be more transparent than defending your record in public and making a case for another term?…. But this year, no offense to Harrisburg, a strong case can be made that the midstate debate should be held in York. It’s basically the same media market. It’s a short drive down I-83 for the state government pols. It might be good for the York County economy – for one evening, at least. And York, in case you haven’t noticed, is the center of the Pennsylvania political universe right now, with two candidates for governor, one candidate for lieutenant governor, a sitting state auditor general, and several influential members of the Legislature. Yeah, this pretty much has to happen. What do you say, Gov. Wolf? (York Daily Record, 6/21/18)

Wagner and Bartos originally challenged the Wolf-Fetterman ticket to 67 town hall oriented debates, but the Democrat’s declined. 

Last week Wagner accepted 12 debate invitations from third parties. The Governor has not yet agreed to any debates.