Wolf, Fetterman Spend Weekend Trying To Scurry Away From Their Liberal Records

It’s apparent Tom Wolf and John Fetterman have realized that their liberal records are liabilities during the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, because they spent the weekend trying to run away from them.

As the Associated Press reported, Wolf appeared to try to take credit for the sales and income taxes remaining the same during his first term in office, despite the fact that he proposed record increases for both back in 2015 and 2016.

  • “Republican lawmakers, meanwhile, rejected nearly every tax increase Wolf sought, although Wolf, to some degree, now takes credit for taxes on sales and income, the state’s two biggest sources of income, staying put. ‘The tax when I got here, the personal income tax, was 3.07 percent. It’s still 3.07. The sales tax was 6. It’s still 6,’ he told reporters.” (AP,  7/1/18)
And regardless of what he tries to assert now, Wolf was so insistent on raising the sales and income taxes in his first two years in office, he claimed it was impossible to balance the budget without doing so.
  • “I don’t see how you get there without a broad based tax increase. I’ve been working on that – If I could do that, I would be there in a second because this would be a wonderful thing. And it’s so tempting to be able to appeal to that desire for all the revenues you want so you can spend all the money you want without a tax increase, but we haven’t been able to do it in the past. And there’s a reason for it, you can’t do it. Take anybody that you want and look at it, and unless you’re willing to be deceitful you can’t get to a balanced budget without raising broad based revenues.” (Governor Wolf Press Conference, PennLive, 10/5/15)
  • “Indeed, anyone in this Chamber who claims we can simply cut our way out of this mess without also increasing revenue is just ignoring the math. They’re also ignoring history. If we don’t have sustainable revenue sources in our budget, the result will be billions of dollars in new property tax hikes. Pennsylvanians need to prepare for these consequences. And I do not say this with any joy whatsoever.” (Governor Wolf’s Budget Address, 2/9/16
And as the Associated Press also noted Sunday, Wolf hasn’t just proposed tax increases during his first term, he’s enacted them as well.
  • “Wolf, for his part, signed off on Republican proposals to borrow heavily to bail out a massive one-time cash shortfall last year and acceded to lawmakers’ desire for an aggressive casino gambling expansion. The tax package and that now adds up to a roughly $1 billion annual revenue boost.” (AP,  7/1/18)


John Fetterman also engaged in a flip-flop on Sunday.

In an interview with Real Progressives on May 14, a day before the Democratic Primary, John Fetterman said, “I don’t support fracking at all and I never have.” (Real Progressives Facebook Page, 5/14/18)

However, in an appearance on ABC27’s  This Week In Pennsylvania on Sunday, Fetterman took the opposite position.  “I think fracking overall, if it’s done properly and with strict environmental regulations where it currently exists, I think can be part of the energy portfolio,” Fetterman said.

“Tom Wolf can try to click his heels all he wants, but he still enacted a $1 billion dollar tax increase, pushed for billions more hikes and would have been successful in sucking Pennsylvanians dry if Scott wasn’t there to stop him,” said Wagner for Governor campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “And any effort John Fetterman goes through to try to reassure voters he won’t try to ban fracking is deceptive politics at its worst. It’s clear that the Wolf-Fetterman ticket knows that their only chance to win in November is to insult the intelligence of the people of Pennsylvania by pretending their positions are the opposite of the failed and out of touch liberal policies they have always stood for.”