Wagner-Bartos Held First Town Hall In Cumberland County Last Night

2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos held their first town hall last night at the Hampden Township Fire Hall in Mechanicsburg. The ticket gave introductory remarks and took a total of ten questions directly from Pennsylvanians. Some highlights from the event can be found below.

In his opening remarks, Wagner explained the contrast between himself and Governor Wolf by telling a story about his upbringing.

Watch the clip HERE.


SCOTT WAGNER: “I told you quickly I grew up on a farm in York County. I grew up in a blue collar household. And there is a story that I want to tell you. When I was younger, I was probably six or seven years old, my father one evening – I had two brothers and a sister, my mother, father and I sat down at a round kitchen table – and my father, who is 86 and not in good health and I hope he has the opportunity to sit in the front row at my inauguration, my father had a bowl – we all put food on our plates, I think that night it was pot roast and other things – but my father had a bowl. And he had a pack of saltine crackers and he crumbled up a handful of saltine crackers and put them in the bowl. And then he poured coffee on those saltine crackers. Now, of course I’m six or seven years old and he’s eating something that I’m not eating and I wanted to know  – hey, dad, what are you having? Well, I’m having cracker soup. I love cracker soup. Well it took me a long time to realize what really was going down. There wasn’t enough to feed six people. He made sure that his children and his wife ate. That’s where I come from and I’m proud of it.”


Later in the town hall, Wagner responded to a Democrat supporter by speaking about the importance of leadership when it comes to working across the aisle.

Watch the clip HERE. ​

SCOTT WAGNER: “I appreciate you being forthcoming and telling us that you are a Democrat. And I thank you for being here. And that means a lot to me and to Jeff because you took the time to come out and learn more about us. And we have a huge opportunity in front of us. And this opportunity is – while we have a majority House and Senate in Harrisburg, Republican, I don’t really care – it’s all about leadership. And you are going to find Jeff Bartos and I are willing to work with anybody. Listen, there are some Republicans, there are 5 percent that are totally crazy. And then you get over here and it’s the same with Democrats. At the end of the day we all want the same outcome, but we have to sit down at the table. Again, there are just some people, Democrats and Republicans, that are just so difficult, and they get so fixated on their issue, they can’t see the forest through the trees. We have to work together. Listen, look behind me. These are two of, I think, the most dedicated ladies in the House. And it doesn’t matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats. Kristin and Dawn both know some great women in the House that are Democrats. And you can work together, but it’s being able to sit down in the room, build trust, build relationships and get things done. That’s not the way it’s been over here and it’s got to change. And if you get us to the governor’s office and lieutenant governor’s office, we pledge to you that you will see leadership and I believe we will be able to move Pennsylvania forward in many, many ways.”


As PennLive reported, those who attended the town hall were impressed with the Wagner-Bartos ticket.

“As the crowd made their way out of the room, some stopped to pick up a “Wagner- Bartos” sticker or campaign yard sign. Several commented on Wagner’s business background as what impressed them the most. “I think he was very passionate about what he is saying and I think he is excited to run for governor. He has a fantastic business background, which is what I think we need in Harrisburg right now,” said Mike Dudziak of Silver Spring Township.

Wagner and Bartos’ business success made Dawn Lush of Linglestown feel more trusting toward them, she said. Plus, Lush said, “Their enthusiasm and innovative thinking caught my attention. It’s not the same old rhetoric.”

Perry Shearer traveled from Abbottstown in Adams County to hear from Wagner, who he supported in the primary. “I like that he’s a business man. I’ve said for years this country and this state should be run by a businessman.”