Jeff Bartos Blasts Tom Wolf’s Proposed Cuts To 362 School Districts

“Rural Pennsylvania Knows Where He Stands And Now They Know How He Feels About Their Children”

 During a town hall on this past weekend in Northampton County, 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos were asked about their position on Governor Wolf’s new proposal to push all basic education money through the formula it adopted two years ago. Both denounced the idea, and Bartos criticized the Governor, explaining that such a plan would cut funding for 362 school districts.

Watch the full clip HERE.


JEFF BARTOS: “That’s a great question about the fair funding. So, Scott came to Harrisburg in 2014, and there were all these talks and the bill that Scott said was finally passed that addressed this and reallocated how certain funding was done on a go forward basis after the 2015 year. The Governor signed that bill. This week, or last week, the Governor came out and said maybe, actually, I know the bill does this, but I think we should apply the new formula to all funding. Well what that does – I want to be clear – what that does is it cuts funding from 362 school districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Now this is the man, Tom Wolf, who ran as quote unquote the education governor. He has now told rural Pennsylvania – and by the way he has been telling rural Pennsylvania for three and a half years, I don’t care about you – but he’s now telling rural Pennsylvania’s children, sorry we’re going to take the money that was going to your school district and we are going to send it to other school districts. We are going to do what the Democrats like Tom Wolf – not Democrats, but leftists like Tom Wolf like to do – Because there are good conservative Democrats – leftists like to redistribute. It may be their favorite word. Maybe. And he’s going to take money away from the children of rural Pennsylvania and he’s going to devastate rural school districts, and he’s also going to devastate Alleghany County school districts, and many, many others. This is a huge issue. You are going to be hearing a lot about it. Scott was part of the team that passed this bill. The Governor signed it. Now the Governor has said this. And surprisingly, as soon as he said it, the next day he tried to walk it back. He’s not going to be able to walk it back. Rural Pennsylvania knows where he stands and now they know how he feels about their children.