Wagner Campaign Releases First TV Ad Of General Election

“Self-Made” Highlights Wagner’s Blue Collar Roots And Pro-Paycheck Agenda

 The Wagner for Governor campaign today released its first TV ad since Scott Wagner secured the Republican nomination. The 30 second spot, which will air in multiple markets throughout the commonwealth, presents Wagner to Pennsylvanians as a self-made entrepreneur who grew up on a York County farm and has built his businesses from the ground up. It displays how Wagner’s life experiences have him prepared to understand ordinary Pennsylvanians and enact pro-paycheck policies as governor.

“Unlike Governor Wolf, who has had everything in life handed to him, and uses and abuses taxpayers like they are contributors to his personal slush fund, Scott knows the value of a hard earned dollar.” said campaign manager Jason High. “This ad shows that every initiative Scott will push for as governor will be about increasing bottom lines and giving Pennsylvanians a better chance to achieve the American Dream – just like he did.”

Watch the ad HERE.


NARRATOR: “Pennsylvania families struggle, and Tom Wolf’s answer? Higher taxes. Scott Wagner’s solution? More jobs and higher wages. A self-made businessman who started with nothing, Scott Wagner grew up on a York County farm and built a successful waste business from scratch. A man who really understands how families can struggle to make ends meet. A fighter on a mission to protect our paychecks. Scott Wagner: the straight-talkin’, trash-haulin’ businessman for governor.”