Governor Wolf Thinks His Plan To Cut $1 Billion For 362 School Districts Is A Laughing Matter

“Wagner’s claims have put Wolf’s camp on the school-funding defensive.” – Allentown Morning Call

Yesterday, 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner and Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio denounced Governor Wolf’s education funding  plan that, as WHYY first reported, “would likely cause deep cuts in many districts…more than 300 in all.” WHYY also explained that “Wolf’s idea would have major negative repercussions in many other shrinking districts, especially in the Western and rural parts of the state.” In response, Wolf offered no substantive defense for the plan that he revealed to WHYY on June 29, and tried to make a joke of the matter.

Watch the full clip HERE.


ANCHOR: “Today, Republican challenger Scott Wagner taking a jab at Governor Tom Wolf’s education plan. Pittsburgh’s Action News Four reporter Bob Mayo with the debate months a ahead of the election.”

BOB MAYO: “It may be mid July but the heat of the race for governor right now feels kind of like late October in this race. Republican Scott Wagner came to town to take a shot at Democratic incumbent Governor Tom Wolf on the issue Wolf always campaigned the hardest on when he ran four years ago – education. Now Wagner claims that Wolf wants to immediately start using a new formula for state education funding, a formula Wagner himself had voted for, but Wagner claims Wolf wants to use it in a way that would actually cost more than 300 school districts more than $1 billion combined. Governor Wolf is literally laughing that off, as you will see, saying that he is now and always has been for increasing education funding so that it is adequate and fair.”

SCOTT WAGNER: “So Tom Wolf, the guy who ran in 2014 as the education governor who promised to put more money in education, now is saying yes to a plan to decimate rural school districts.”

TOM WOLF: “That’s nonsense.”


Wolf continued to try to skirt his stance yesterday: “‘I have no idea what they’re talking about. … It almost sounds like it’s a political campaign here,’ Wolf said with a chuckle.” (Tribune-Review, 7/12/18)

Tom Wolf can try to laugh the issue off all he wants, but he can’t get away from the predicament he now finds himself in. There’s no easy to explain a plan that will cut over $1 billion from 362 school districts. As the Allentown Morning Call notes, “Wagner’s claims have put Wolf’s camp on the school-funding defensive.” (Morning Call, 7/12/18) ​