In Response To Ruling By State Supreme Court: Wagner Opposes Soda Tax

Vows To End It As Governor

Yesterday, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld Philadelphia’s tax on soda and other sweetened beverages. 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner released the following statement in response to the Court’s ruling.

“Now that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made it clear that they will not step in to block Philadelphia’s soda tax, I think the people of Philadelphia deserve to know what their next governor will do on the issue,” said Scott Wagner. “It is my belief that this tax places an unfair burden  on hardworking Philadelphians and is not even being used appropriately. As governor, I will work to end it.” 

Wagner also criticized the soda tax during a town hall meeting last night in Montgomery County.

Watch the full clip HERE


“Now there is a tax we might want to look at. I hear a lot about it. I have been spending a lot of time, I was at a diner this morning, what is this Philadelphia soda tax I am hearing a lot about? Holy cow!  Tracey, didn’t you tell me a story where you were in a convenience store last week and a lady went to the cooler and got a drink and it was 99 cents, and she went to the counter and it was a $1.39. So there are  is 40 cents in taxes that are in that. And you know what is really amazing to me is that the Philadelphia soda tax, that is not just on soda. I learned from Jeff Brown, who has the ShopRite supermarkets, that 3,400 items are taxed. Almond milk, listen we are all told Almond Milk is good and it is healthy for us, but it is taxed. Honey is taxed. That kind of stuff. So those are the kinds of things that I tend to be a little baffled by some of that stuff.”


As reported by City and State in May, when Wagner tried to hold a bipartisan hearing to examine the soda tax back in 2017, members of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s inner circle closely coordinated with nonprofit groups to disrupt it.