Wagner Campaign Launches New Digital Spot: “We Have To Hear From You”

Comes On The Heels Of Wagner’s Six Town Hall Meetings In Two Weeks

Will Media and PA Democrats Stop The Hypocrisy And Urge Wolf To Hold Similar Events?

The Wagner for Governor campaign today launched a new digital video titled, “We Have To Hear From You.” The spots uses clips from the six town hall meetings Scott Wagner held in the month of July and highlights the importance of taking questions from voters in person – something Tom Wolf has failed to do thus far for the entire campaign.

In fact, the Governor has not done one single in-person, wide ranging town hall meeting in all of the years he’s been in office. And given how critically important town halls have been to both the media and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party since 2016, one has to wonder why they haven’t yet called on Wolf to participate in any.

Watch the video HERE.


SCOTT WAGNER: “I have been going around the state and I have been talking to people.  I have been asking this simple question.  I probably have asked it 150 times. Governor Wolf has been in office for three and a half years.  Can you name one thing he has accomplished?

“I would love to have Governor Wolf sitting next to me tonight and we would be respectful.

“He needs to go out and talk to the people of Pennsylvania and learn about the issues, because this is where the action is, we have to hear from you.

JEFF BARTOS:  “The Governor has not responded or rejected every entreaty that we have given him to join us in these town halls, so we will say it at every one of these, the Governor and his running mate, Mayor Fetterman, are welcome at any of these town halls. We’ll welcome them and hope they join us along the way.”

SCOTT WAGNER: “I can absolutely promise you that we are going to run a professional campaign. We are going to focus on the issues and we are going to run a classy campaign.

“I want to stand up for the hardworking people of Pennsylvania, and my message, very simply is that I want to protect your paychecks.  That is my mission.  Protect your paychecks.

“I am going to stand in front of the people of Pennsylvania tonight, and hear me loud and clear.  If you vote for me, and I become the next governor of Pennsylvania, I will eliminate the school taxes on your home.

“Our children need to be safe.  Governor Wolf has been a failure.  We should have had every school assessed, every school should have been outfitted with point of entry scanning systems.

“Jobs and the economy, backing off some regulations, starting to be more business friendly to businesses in Pennsylvania.

“I’m about getting people good jobs, helping them increase their incomes, their lifestyles, and I believe the people here in Pennsylvania want to be part of being something more.

“I believe in the people of Pennsylvania and I believe that we can be greater.  I believe that we can have a better economy. And you are here because you believe in us.  We’re going to do this.”


“It’s no wonder Tom Wolf doesn’t want to face the people of Pennsylvania given that his harmful tax and regulatory policies have Pennsylvania’s economy in the tank compared to the country as a whole, he’s for an education plan to cut funding from 362 schools and he’s no longer committed to property tax reform,”said Wagner for Governor campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “Scott is going to continue doing town halls around the commonwealth and Tom Wolf should listen to his own party, stop being a coward and join him.”


Before beginning his town hall tour of Pennsylvania to speak directly with voters about the problems facing Pennsylvania, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos invited Governor Tom Wolf and lieutenant governor candidate John Fetterman to join them. Wolf refused the invitation.

As recently as last Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Democrat Party and members of the media have accused Republicans of “hiding from their constituents” and refusing to hold town halls. They remain silent on Governor Wolf’s cowardice.

Members of the Media

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch: Toomey: “I’ve done a lot of in-person town halls — I’m sure I’ll do more before my term is over.” FACT-CHECK: He’s had one in-person town hall since 2013 (when he had several in the most remote rural area of Pa.). It was limited to attendees picked by lottery (Twitter, 7/18/18)

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch: “Anyway, Sen. Toomey’s larger access problem is going to be an ongoing story until he agrees to schedule some town halls or other events when regular folks can ask him some regular-folk questions. What are you waiting for, Senator?” (Inquirer, 2/13/17)

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch: “. . . Pat Toomey is a coward. He held his finger up to the winds of Trump for as long as he possibly could, announcing only at 6:45 p.m. on Election Night that he’d pulled the lever for the short-fingered-vulgarian-in-chief. Since then, his staff has been known to not answer phones or even lock the doors on constituents trying to pin him down on Trump’s more outlandish appointments and policies. Indeed, it turns out that Toomey hasn’t had a town hall meeting since 2013; in Philadelphia, where his regressive policies hit hardest, he’s never held one.” (Inquirer, 1/30/17)

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Baer: “Still, Toomey can get off the hot seat by expanding his outreach and responsiveness and by showing up in front of citizens. With unease, unrest and uncertainty now the norm in politics, such efforts, handled properly, could be calming – for the public and the process.” (Inquirer, 2/12/17)

The Chambersburg Public Opinion: “U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Everett, has not exposed himself to the emotional landscape of his district, unlike other federal elected officials in Pennsylvania.” (Chambersburg Public Opinion, 4/14/17)

PennLive’s John Micek: “Americans want to talk about the issues confronting the country. And they want to talk to their elected officials about those issues. . . . But more than that, there was a sense among voters here that they were genuinely being heard. . . . And at a time when more Americans are hoping for a real connection with their politics and their politicians, being listened to is never a bad thing.” (PennLive, 7/10/17)

PennLive Editorial Board: “Congress could learn this lesson from U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-4th District. His town hall last weekend in Red Lion was a rare example of in-person constituent outreach when there’s far too little of that coming from the rest of our delegation in D.C. . . . The upcoming Easter Recess, when lawmakers will spend two weeks back in their home districts, is the perfect time to follow Perry’s lead.  The voters have a lot of questions about what’s going on in Washington. They want to hear from their representatives. And they want to hear from them in person. They’ll be watching to see who shows up.” (PennLive, 3/22/17)

The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board: “It’s as if Toomey has forgotten that his reelection wasn’t automatic in a purple state. . . . he needs to pay more attention to Philadelphia, where he apparently hasn’t held a single town hall meeting even though it is Pennsylvania’s most populous city. Maybe that’s because Toomey doesn’t get many votes in the Democratic stronghold. But closer attention to its voters is a good way to change that. . . . If Toomey would become more accessible when constituents want to see him, he might learn why they think he is out of touch. . . . It’s all about communication. And of late, Toomey hasn’t done too well with that. That failure smacks of arrogance to some people.” (Inquirer, 2/16/17)

Senator Bob Casey

“We heard from hundreds of constituents across the state regarding the senator having town halls,” Casey spokeswoman Jacklin Rhoads said. “Although we host open-to-the-public constituent coffees in DC monthly and have had a number of town-hall style events over the years, we felt it was time to host a series of town halls — including in-person events, television-affiliated programs and tele-town halls across the state giving constituents more direct access to have their questions answered and concerns heard.” (Chambersburg Public Opinion, 4/14/17)

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

“Hardworking Pennsylvanians’ voices and messages were loud and clear: Pennsylvanians won’t stand for their Members of Congress hiding from them and refusing to do their job…”(PA Dems, 4/2/17)

“Our Republican Congressmen Dent, Smucker, Meehan, and Costello decided to sit down with the Chamber of Commerce but not their own constituents. . . . After the chamber meeting let out, the rally’ers invited the congressmen to join them for an impromptu town hall meeting – something their constituents have been asking those Reps to do for months. Unfortunately, as you can see, the dais was left empty. Turned out the congressmen all snuck out the back door. We think you should let them know how you feel about skipping out on their constituents.” (PA Dems via Facebook, 3/7/17)

“Why won’t camera-shy Ryan Costello allow video recording at his town hall? He’s clearly trying to hide his reckless record from his constituents,” said Brandon Cwalina, Press Secretary for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Between his irresponsible vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and his shameless vote to allow internet service providers to sell his constituents’ browsing data, it is clear why Costello is hiding from his constituents. He should stop being a coward and give his constituents the chance to hear his explanations on his terrible record.” (PA Dems, 4/7/17)

“Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick is trying to give off the appearance of being accessible, but is actually hiding from his constituents in a truly cowardly manner by refusing to give advance notice for his tele-town halls,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Brandon Cwalina. “With his rubber stamp record of supporting a GOP agenda with out-of-touch priorities and his party leadership’s plummeting approval ratings, it’s no wonder that Brian Fitzpatrick is hiding behind the safety of a telephone instead of looking his constituents in the eye and explaining himself. It’s time for Brian Fitzpatrick to come out of the shadows and hold a real town hall for his constituents.” (PA Dems, 6/8/17)

“For the second time in the last week, voters and constituents from Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District hand delivered invitations to Representative Patrick Meehan’s office demanding he hold a public town hall. Today’s events were highlighted by constituents gathering at the Representative’s Springfield office to deliver a “Basket Full of Town Hall Invitations,” in the spirit of Easter. Each egg contained a simple message that read “Town Hall Now Please!” The voices and message were loud and clear: Pennsylvanians won’t stand for Pat Meehan’s lack of transparency and demand that he hold a public town hall. Last week, members of the District 7 Indivisible activist coalition hand delivered an invitation to the Representative with the same message.” (PA Dems, 4/10/17)

“Representative Tim Murphy has been MIA during the congressional recess, even in spite of his constituents’ calls for a town hall. It’s gotten so bad that the people of Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District had to take matters into their own hands and hold a town hall without him. ‘Constituents should not have to be proactive in finding out where their congressman stands on the issues. It is unacceptable for Murphy to try to hide his reckless record from his them,” said Brandon Cwalina, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Representative Murphy can try to hide from his constituents, but he can’t hide his cowardice.”’ (PA Dems, 4/21/17)

“@reptimmurphy is taking a page right out of the Toomey playbook to try and cover the fact that he just doesn’t want to have a face-to-face discussion with constituents who might ask real questions . . . .” (PA Dems via Facebook, 2/21/17)

“Representative Bill Shuster has been MIA during the congressional recess in spite of his constituents’ calls for a town hall. . . . Now, instead of facing constituents’ questions on these important issues, Shuster is hiding. “It is unacceptable for Shuster to hide his reckless record from his constituents,” said Brandon Cwalina, Press Secretary for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “He should stop being a coward and let the folks in his district hear what he has to say for himself and his terrible record.” The Pennsylvania Democratic Party asks voters to call and write to Shuster and encourage him to hold a town hall meeting.” (PA Dems, 4/13/17)

Representative Glenn Thompson has been awfully quiet during the congressional recess, even in spite of his constituents’ calls for a town hall. That’s why voters in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District are having a town hall – with or without him. “Constituents should not have to be proactive in finding out where their congressman stands on the issues, and it is unacceptable for Thompson to try to hide his reckless record from his them,” said Brandon Cwalina, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “He should stop being a coward and give his constituents the chance to hear his explanations on his terrible record.” (PA Dems, 4/18/17)

“Today, outside Senator Pat Toomey’s office constituents said enough is enough and staged a sit-in that ended with the detainment of nearly a dozen people. For weeks, thousands of citizens have been visiting Toomey’s offices around PA trying desperately to get just a few minutes face-time with their elected Senator. But Toomey has dodged them at every office, letting but a few people in for photo ops and very little in the way of meaningful dialogue. Constituents report that he has ducked their questions and offered no real opinion on any issue until after it has been voted. As far as we can tell, there is little evidence he values the opinion of any constituent that has expressed a concern to him. Today, these people were willing to go to jail to find out where their Senator stands on important issues. . . . Yet he still refuses to come down from his ivory tower. Shame on you Senator Toomey. The citizens of PA deserve better treatment.” (PA Dems via Facebook, 2/28/17)

“Those unpaid #tuesdayswithtoomey citizen protesters were at it again – fighting for things like 1st amendment rights, and for their elected officials ( Senator Pat Toomey ) to hold real town halls where they can ask questions and interact with the person who’s supposed to be representing them.” (PA Dems via Facebook, 2/21/17)

“While Pat Toomey was busy answering softballs on this tele-town hall that he announced just a few minutes before it took place – real (and unpaid!) constituents took to the streets in front of Toomey’s offices around the state. . . . If you, like us, were not able to get satisfaction from his impromptu “town hall” put your message or question in a comment here and maybe, just maybe, it will make its way to Senator Pat Toomey.” (PA Dems via Facebook, 2/16/17)

We can’t get [Senator Toomey] to hold a town hall and it’s impossible to reach him on the phone, but we still have questions for him . . .” (PA Dems, 5/9/17)