President Trump Endorses Scott Wagner For Governor

“He’s Going To Be One Hell Of A Governor”

President Donald Trump endorsed Scott Wagner for governor of Pennsylvania at his rally in Wilkes-Barre Thursday night. Wagner was an early supporter of the president and was also endorsed by Vice President Mike Pence in June.

“I am incredibly grateful and honored to receive President Trump’s support,” said Scott Wagner. “Thanks to the president’s tax cuts and strong economic leadership, Americans are seeing more money in their paychecks and increased opportunities across the nation. Sadly, Tom Wolf’s failed liberal policies are preventing Pennsylvania from experiencing the full effect of President Trump’s success. We are the fifth worst state to start a business in the country and our unemployment rate is higher than the national average. I look forward to working with the president to help Pennsylvanians keep more money in their paychecks and to bring the fruits of America’s booming economy to Pennsylvania.”

Watch the clip of President Trump’s endorsement HERE.


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We are honored to be joined tonight by your state’s Republican nominee for governor. A great guy. Somebody I know well. He’s going to be one hell of a governor. He’s tough, he’s smart – Scott Wagner.”