While Wolf Holds Meeting On Opioid Epidemic, Wagner Calls Him A “Drug Dealing Governor”


Governor Wolf today continued his do-nothing public relations campaign regarding Pennsylvania’s opioid epidemic, holding a meeting about it with families in Wilkes-Barre. What the Governor probably failed to mention to those families is how, under his leadership, Pennsylvania has become one of the five worst states in the country in terms of overdose increases.

The Governor also probably did not share the fact that he vetoed a bill that would have helped curb the opioid epidemic back in April at the request of his million-dollar campaign donors. Scott Wagner criticized the Governor for the veto in a radio interview on Newstalk 1037FM earlier this week.

Listen to the interview HERE.


MICHELE JANSEN: Do you think that has something to do with him vetoing the Labor & Industry law that would have changed the formulary for compensation, workman’s comp, that we see is addicting some of our workers to opioids and wasting money?

SCOTT WAGNER: Well, Michele, that is a great question. That was Senate Bill 936. That was a formulary bill, and it would have allowed for some alternatives to opioid drugs being prescribed for somebody that is injured. Listen, the bottom line is this is another great example of how corrupt this governor is. There is a law firm down in Philadelphia, and that law firm has an interest in pharmacies that dispense drugs. There are a group of doctors’ practices that treat workers’ comp injuries. Now this law firm also represents injured workers. So you have a law firm that has an interest in pharmacies, you have a group of workers’ comp doctors that have an interest in these same pharmacies, and this pharmacy group has a PAC called Fairness PA. Well guess what? Last year, in 2017, that PAC wrote a check for $1 million to Governor Wolf. So far this year, they have received another $200,000. $1.2 million from this pharmacy PAC when there are 100 people a week dying in Pennsylvania from opioid and heroin overdoses. Listen, this bottom line is Tom Wolf is no better than a drug dealer, quite frankly, because he takes all this money from special interest groups that promote the dispensing of opioids.