Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos Tout Education Plan At Erie Town Hall

Last night, 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos held a town hall in Erie where they spoke about their new education plan. Below are some highlights from the local media coverage.


Wagner vows to focus on education, lower taxes
Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate speaks to 150 during town hall event in Erie
Kevin Flowers
Erie Times-News
August 20, 2018

Addressing a mostly-partisan audience that cheered him frequently, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner made several assurances regarding the way he would handle Pennsylvania’s top job.

Wagner — during a Monday evening town hall event at his Peach Street campaign headquarters — promised to eliminate school taxes if elected to ease the financial burden on homeowners.

He vowed to infuse Pennsylvania’s education system with $1 billion in new funding without raising taxes.

And Wagner pledged to more closely monitor the state’s finances than Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, his opponent in the Nov. 6 election.

“This governor doesn’t want to deal with any of the issues,” said Wagner, a York business owner and former state senator. “It’s time that we start dealing with some of the issues. There’s a lot of things we need to focus on in Pennsylvania to move Pennsylvania in the right direction.”

Bartos, who introduced Wagner on Monday evening, said Wagner will be “a fighter in Harrisburg” who will look out for taxpayers’ interests.

“We cannot allow Tom Wolf to have a second term,” Bartos said.

Wagner, who took questions from the audience as well on Monday, said he supports creating jobs and stimulating the economy by lower taxes and streamlining government regulations.

Wagner also supports welfare reform.

He said he decided to run for governor because he believes he can be “more effective than he could be on the state Senate.”

“There is zero leadership in Harrisburg” Wagner said.


Republican Candidates Wagner and Bartos Hold Town Hall Meeting in Erie
LiAnna Schwerer
Erie News Now
August 20, 2018

The room was filled shortly after 6:30 by Democrats and Republicans alike. The hopefuls tried to answer as many questions from people scattered throughout the room before the meeting’s time was up.

One issue that came up throughout the meeting was our schools. People asked about their plan for funding schools, keeping students safe, and preventing property tax dependency. Wagner and Bartos responded that they have a plan, which would pull funding from various areas.

An example of where they believe they could find funding is from getting rid of state-owned liquor stores. Their plan includes giving $1 Billion to funding schools, with specific funding for schools with STEM programs.

Watch the full clip HERE.


Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos hosted a town hall meeting in Erie
August 20, 2018

Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos stopped in Erie during their gubernatorial campaign trail.

This is the first town hall meeting Wagner and Bartos have hosted in Erie, but their ninth town hall overall this year. The duo says they are in Erie trying to get to know the people who live here and their issues. Wagner says this is also an opportunity for voters to get to know him and his running mate.

Wagner added that some of the key issues he would tackle in this area would be Erie’s blight, opioid crisis and education system.

Watch the full clip HERE.