Tom Wolf Says He Has No Time for Voters

Wagner Calls Him a ‘Gutless Coward’


HARRISBURG, PA – Yesterday, Governor Wolf was asked by WTAE-Pittsburgh why he refuses to let Pennsylvanians hear any of his plans for the next four years. His response: “Have you seen my schedule?” Scott Wagner then responded in the same story calling Wolf a gutless coward who doesn’t have the courage to stand on the stage in front of the voters.

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BOB MAYO: Governor Tom Wolf is stepping up his campaigning for reelection and spoke to a labor rally here outside the Koppers Building. While he was here, we asked him why, so far, he has only agreed to one debate with his Republican opponent Scott Wagner. Governor Wolf rallied with security officers, members of Service Employees Union 32BJ, supporting their fight for better pay. After, we asked him why only one debate in his fall race for a second term.

TOM WOLF: “The election is a five-month debate. It’s one continuous debate, and I think the whole process of an election is trying to draw a contrast between you and the vision of the person on the other side.”

BOB MAYO: His opponent, Wagner, wants four to six debates. 

SCOTT WAGNER: “He doesn’t want to stand on a stage. He thinks a campaign is a debate, with his press secretary releasing every day that I’m the worst of Harrisburg. Oh, really?”

BOB MAYO: Wolf tells us he’s both campaigning every day and doing his job as governor. 

TOM WOLF: “I’m doing the debate that I’m doing, and I’m using the other time to get my message out as best I can.”

BOB MAYO: You couldn’t spare a few hours for a few more debates?

TOM WOLF: “Have you seen my schedule? I’m packed.”

SCOTT WAGNER: “This governor is a gutless coward, is what he is. He thinks he’s better than everybody else — private boarding school, MIT. He has a PhD. No, he doesn’t have the courage to stand on a stage in front of the voters.”

BOB MAYO: Wagner is pressing the issue. Wolf is standing firm. With Commitment 2018 coverage of the race for governor, downtown, Bob Mayo, Pittsburgh Action News 4.



Wolf’s insistence that one debate is enough is a departure from his position earlier in the race. In May, the Wolf campaign criticized Scott Wagner for ducking debates in the Primary, despite the fact that Wagner participated in 12 debates. 

Wolf used to promote debates as “a great democratic exercise.”

Wolf even has been criticized by Democratic pundits for only agreeing to one debate. 

Scott Wagner has run a transparent campaign filled with 12 town hall meetings and hundreds of other public events where he has articulated his viewpoints to both voters and the press.