PA Chamber of Business and Industry Endorses Scott Wagner for Governor

A second leading Pennsylvania business organization has endorsed Scott Wagner for governor. The PA Chamber of Business and Industry today announced its endorsement of  the 2018 Republican nominee for governor.

“I’m honored to receive the Chamber’s endorsement and to have the support of their members,” said Scott Wagner. “Tom Wolf has done everything possible to cripple job creators and stall the economy. With excessive permit delays, rampant over regulation, and some of the highest business taxes in the nation, Pennsylvania’s economy ranks near the bottom of almost every single economic category. I have taken risks, started businesses and signed paychecks, and I know what stifles growth. It’s time we have a leader who will lower taxes, reduce regulations and  turn Pennsylvania into the economic powerhouse it should be.” 

Gene Barr, President of the PA Chamber of Business and Industry, said of the endorsement, “The PA Chamber’s mission is to advance public policies that will strengthen our economy and set Pennsylvania apart as the best place for businesses to invest, grow and hire. Through his long tenure as a successful business owner, Scott knows first-hand the unique challenges that employers in the Commonwealth face each day. During his time as a state senator, he was a champion of legislation that would help to grow the economy, creating better opportunities for employers and employees alike. Scott knows that a strong and thriving economy will benefit all Pennsylvanians. His record speaks for itself. His campaign platform includes decisive plans to grow jobs and harness the full potential of the state’s resources.  The Commonwealth’s residents would be well served to have Scott as their governor and ChamberPAC is proud to support him in the upcoming General Election.”


The National Federation of Independent Businesses endorsed Wagner in early September, and both the NFIB and the PA Chamber of Business and Industry have criticized Governor Wolf’s economic record. 

  • Gene Barr, president and CEO of the state Chamber of Business and Industry, called Wolf’s regulatory policies “more burdensome” than Barack Obama’s.
  • Rebecca Oyler, state legislative director for the National Federation of Independent Business, said of Wolf: “Scott’s opponent has an ad, where he touts himself as a ‘small-business governor.’ When I talk to NFIB members about what a ‘small business governor’ would do, I get some funny looks, because our members have good memories. The fact is that Governor Wolf proposed the largest tax hike in Pennsylvania history, along with billions of dollars in new spending to go along with it. He regularly uses executive powers to increase the state’s regulatory burden on small businesses and has pushed for new taxes on energy. I think these policies would be considered quite the opposite of small-business friendly. The irony is that many of these plans were thwarted in the state legislature thanks in no small part to leaders like Scott Wagner. The fact is that we need to have a serious conversation about how to really turn things around in Pennsylvania for small businesses, and we’re never going to have that talk with Governor Wolf in office. Small businesses need a governor like Scott Wagner, who knows where they’re coming from because he’s been there. He will be a real small business governor.” (Facebook, 9/10/18)

Last month, Wagner released a plan “Empowering Pennsylvania’s Economy.” The plan will eliminate burdensome regulations that hold businesses back from growing and expanding, lower taxes on employers so they can hire more workers, bring accountability and certainty to the permitting process and capitalize on the natural resources Pennsylvania has at her disposal.