Wagner Demands Wolf Call For Special Session On Statute Of Limitation Reforms

2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner today issued the following statement regarding the failure of Governor Wolf to get the Senate to act on passing legislation containing the recommendations of the Grand Jury’s report on the Catholic Church:

“Throughout my campaign I’ve continuously stressed that special interests have boxed the people of Pennsylvania out of having a voice in their own government and last night’s failure by the Senate to act on behalf of the victims of sexual abuse was no different.

“It’s troubling that the Senate adjourned last night without passing these reforms.

“But what is even more troubling is how Governor Wolf continues to stand idly by while he fails to secure justice for these victims time and time again. In 2016 I fought for these same reforms on the floor of the Senate while Governor Wolf issued statements from afar. Last night we saw another do-nothing statement from the Governor.

“When will the Governor realize that being ‘committed’ to something means acting on it?

“If I were Governor I would call a special session every day until the Grand Jury’s recommendations were passed by both chambers, and Governor Wolf should do the same.”


Wolf said he was committed to the reforms being debated last night as long as two years ago, but has not made progress on them during his governorship.

  •  “As governor of Pennsylvania, I am committed to expanding the ability of victims to come forward without fear and hold their abusers accountable, including supporting the removal of criminal statutes of limitation for child sex abuse,” Wolf said in a prepared statement. (Meadville Tribune, 9/28/16)