Will Tom Wolf Help Protect The Southern Border From Approaching Illegal Alien Mob?

Or Will He Continue Policy Of Refusing To Send Pennsylvania National Guard To Aide Law Enforcement? 

2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner challenged Governor Wolf today to answer a call for national guard troops at the southern border should President Trump need help to securing it from the advancing mob of illegal aliens moving through Mexico:

“With an unprecedented mob of thousands strong approaching our country, Pennsylvanians want to know that they have a governor who will enforce our immigration laws and make sure our border is secured,” said Scott Wagner. “Governor Wolf has made it clear that he will not send the Pennsylvania National Guard to assist law enforcement at the border, and in light of the current situation that policy is flat out dangerous. His position is not a surprise, however, given his continued support of sanctuary cities. The United States is a nation of immigrants. We welcome those who enter legally, but we must close our borders to those that flout the rule of law. If I were governor, the National Guard would stand ready to answer the call should President Trump need assistance in securing the border from this threat.”

Earlier this year, Governor Wolf preemptively rejected any presidential calls for assistance at the southern border.


While Tom Wolf has a history of favoring illegal aliens over the rights and safety of Pennsylvanians, Scott Wagner will take action to protect the people of Pennsylvania.

Scott Wagner cosponsored Senate Bill 10, which withholds funds from municipalities that refused to work with federal immigration officials.

Tom Wolf refused to support the legislation.

Scott Wagner also blasted  Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney for terminating a contract that provided Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents with arrest data that is useful in determining the whereabouts of people that are in the United States illegally.

  • Wagner went on to call for a new state law preventing similar actions. “As Governor, I will work with the legislature to pass a law preempting actions like Mayor Kenney’s. I would hope that Governor Wolf will do the same, but all that we’ve seen from the Governor is weak-willed pandering and cowardice. I will be a governor that will unapologetically stand up for the safety of our citizens in every instance.”
  • Governor Wolf’s silence on this issue is not surprising. It’s part of an overall pattern of his refusal to enforce federal immigration laws in Pennsylvania.