Scott Wagner: “Tom Wolf is going to turn Pennsylvania into a sanctuary state”

Wolf Should Answer For Immigration Policies Ahead of This Weekend’s Bus Tour

In an interview yesterday with WPHT-Philadelphia’s Rich Zeoli, 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner was asked about the approaching caravan of illegal immigrants and pointed out the differences he has with Tom Wolf regarding immigration policy.

And as his weekend bus tour kicks off today, Pennsylvanians deserve to know from the Governor why, with a caravan of thousands strong approaching our country, he continues to promote sanctuary cities and stand against sending national guard troops to the southern border.


Listen to the audio of Wagner’s interview HERE.


RICH ZEOLI: I’m talking to you right now from a sanctuary city in Philadelphia. You put out something on facebook earlier today, which is that looking at this caravan of people headed toward the southern border, Pennsylvanians should realize that Tom Wolf’s plans on immigration are way different than yours.

SCOTT WAGNER: Well he’s supportive of sanctuary cities. And so he doesn’t really care – people come in, he doesn’t care who they are. And that’s not the Pennsylvania that we really want. Here in Pennsylvania we could end up with hundreds of people out of those thousands that are coming up to the border.

RICH ZEOLI: So the idea that Pennsylvania could become a sanctuary state much like my state of New Jersey is not out of the realm of possibility.

SCOTT WAGNER: Absolutely. Listen, Tom Wolf is licking his chops thinking he’s going to get reelected and then he’s going to turn – he is going to turn Pennsylvania into a sanctuary state, basically. And when I was in the Senate I cosponsored legislation that would ban sanctuary cities and I would sign the legislation when I’m the governor.