As I campaign across the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am honored to be able to visit so many areas and meet hard-working people from many different walks of life. Please click on the albums below to view some of the photos from my travels.

Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Dinner, Camp Hill, PA, October 13th, 2018

Scott attended an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, in Camp Hill, PA. The highlight of the event was the honoring of five veterans who served in World War II, and three veterans who served in the Korean War. Their ages ranged from late eighties to early nineties. It’s amazing to realize that these veterans served our country sixty to seventy years ago. We are free because they never gave up on their mission — and Scott couldn’t help but think that after all, they are still forced to pay school taxes on their homes. It isn’t right.
He won’t give up on his mission either. Scott will take great pleasure in eliminating these taxes when he’s governor of Pennsylvania, because we should do everything that we can to honor those who keep the commonwealth strong — our veterans, our workforce — and those who’ve retired from a life of hard work.