As I campaign across the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am honored to be able to visit so many areas and meet hard-working people from many different walks of life. Please click on the albums below to view some of the photos from my travels.

Meet & Greet, Fern Hall Bed & Breakfast, Clifford, PA, June 28, 2017

Scott was the guest of Donna Cosmello at the Fern Hall Bed & Breakfast on Thursday, June 23, 2017 where he had the opportunity to spend time with Susquehanna County business owners, republican committee members, and other community leaders. Scott also spent time giving updates about what’s going on in Harrisburg and his campaign to Fix PA.

Pennsylvania Young Republicans Meeting, Harrisburg, PA, June 12, 2017

Scott had the opportunity to meet with the Pennsylvania Young Republican’s Leadership Team. They discussed the future of Pennsylvania and the challenges that are facing our Commonwealth. Scott looks forward two working with the Pennsylvania Young Republicans as he continues his campaign to Fix PA for future generations.