Scott’s Scorecard

We haven’t seen a change maker like Scott Wagner in decades.

Scott has spent his three years in Harrisburg changing the culture. Now he needs your help to make another big change – defeating Tom Wolf.


  • Honor taxpayers by eliminating wasteful spending
  • End the grip of liberal special interests in Harrisburg
  • Eliminate property taxes
  • Leverage 30 years of private sector expertise to create jobs and better incomes
  • Make government work for the people again.

So many talk about what they “would do.”

Take a look at what Scott Wagner has already done.

Wagner Won A Historic Victory To The Senate.

When special interests and insiders wanted to rig the system to stop Scott Wagner, he waged a historic write-in campaign and defeated both Republican and Democratic nominees to win a seat in the Senate.

Wagner Invested In Electing Conservative Republicans.

When Scott came to the Senate we had 27 members in the GOP caucus. Then Scott decided to fund and raise money for races all across the state. In 2014, he helped finance the upset of the year when conservative Camera Bartolotta won a seat we hadn’t held in a generation. In 2016, as chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, Scott helped push the Senate to its largest majority ever.

Wagner Was The Driving Force Behind Defeating Liberal Leadership In The Senate.

When Wagner got elected it became clear from day one that Senator Dominic Pileggi, the Senate Majority Leader at the time, wasn’t interested in working with conservatives. Scott, working with Joe Scarnati and others, helped lead the charge to defeat Pileggi and elect a more conservative Senate Majority Leader.

Wagner Has Helped Push Conservative Legislation Over The Top In the Senate.

Scott has worked with conservative leaders to pass historic pension reform, paycheck protection, and budgets that didn’t raise taxes. Scott has been a leading voice stopping Governor Wolf.

Scott Wagner has been making changes since day one.

He’ll do even more for you as governor.